Toho Beads Information

All our Toho seed beads are sold in quantities of 10g (except for Treasure and Charlotte beads, which are sold in quantities of 5g)


Round Toho Seed Beads - Round (or standard) seed bead sizes are described by a number eg. 11/0 or 8/0 etc.

In theory, this relates to the numbers of seed beads per inch, although this is not always strictly accurate. This means that the smaller seed beads having the higher number. On our website, we stock Toho round seed beads in sizes 11/0, 8/0, 6/0 and 3/0, with 11/0 being the smallest size.

Diameter of Each Round Toho Bead (approx)

11/0 - 2mm

8/0 - 3mm

6/0 - 4mm

3/0 - 5.5mm

Bugle Beads - thin cylindrical beads

We stock Toho bugle beads in three sizes

Size 1 - 3mm

Size 2 - 6mm

Size 3 - 9mm

Magatama - a slightly drop shaped bead with an off-centre hole which can be used to give extra interest to your jewellery designs. We stock these in two sizes - 3mm and 4mm

Hex - These hexagonal seed beads have a round hole and are stocked in a 8/0 size

Cube - These cube shaped beads have a square hole, we stock them in a 3mm size.

Triangle - We stock Toho triangle beads in two sizes, 11/0 and 8/0

Treasure - These cylinder beads are generally used in precision beadweaving, where an very even finish is required. They are equivalent to Miyuki Delicia beads. We stock these in the 11/0 size (1.8mm) and the 8/0 size

Charlottes - These seed beads have one edge cut off, so that they catch the light. We stock these in a 15/0 size.

Mixes - these can contain round seed beads in a number of different sizes, bugles, triangle, hex or cube beads, with the exact composition being dependant on the mix chosen. These mixes come in a number of different colourways.


Each Toho bead has a product code eg TR-08-49. The two letters at the front refer to the shape of bead, the two numbers in the middle refer to the size and the two numbers at the end refer to the colour, in this case Opaque Jet. Here are the codes for the shape.

TR - round

TM - magatama

TC - cube

TH - hex

TG - triangle

TT - Treasure

TB - bugle

TX - mixes

The colour codes are listed on a separate page.