Miyuki Colour Codes

Here is a list of the colour codes used in our Miyuki Delica beads. We don't currently stock all of them, but we've included them for future reference and will be adding more to the list when we can.

DB-0001 - Gunmetal

DB-0002 - Metallic Dark Blue Iris

DB-0003 - Metallic Forest Green

DB-0004 - Metallic Dark Plum

DB- 0005 - Metallic Variegated Blue Iris

DB-0006 - Gunmetal Iris

DB-0007 - Metallic Brown Iris

DB-0010 - Black Opaque

DB-0011 - Metallic Olive

DB-0012 - Metallic Dark Raspberry

DB-0021 - Nickel Plated

DB-0022 - Metallic Dark Bronze

DB-0022L - Metallic Light Bronze

DB-0023 - Metallic Gold Iris

DB-0024 - Metallic Olive Green Iris

DB-0025 - Metallic Blue Iris

DB-0026 - Metallic Steel Iris

DB-0027 - Metallic Dark Green Iris

DB-0029 - Metallic Purple/Gold Iris

DB-0031 - Gold 24KT Plated

DB-0033 - Gold 24KT Plated Lined Crystal

DB-0034 - Light Gold 24KT Plated

DB-0037 - Copper Lined Crystal

DB-0035 - Galvanised Silver

DB-0037 - Copper Lined Crystal

DB-0038 - Palladium Plated

DB-0040 - Copper Plated

DB-0041 - Silver Lined Crystal

DB- 0042 - Silver Lined Gold

DB-0043 - Silver Lined Flame Red

DB-0044 - Silver Lined Aquamarine

DB-0045 - Silver Lined Orange

DB-0046 - Silver Lined Green

DB-0048 - Silver Lined Grey

DB-0050 - Crystal Lustre

DB-0051 - Crystal AB

DB-0052 - Cream Lined Crystal AB

DB-0053 - Lemon Lined Crystal AB

DB-0054 - Dark Peach Lined Crystal AB

DB-0055 - Pink Lined Crystal AB a.k.a. Blush Lined Crystal AB

DB-0056 - Raspberry Lined Crystal AB

DB-0057 - Aquamarine Lined Crystal AB

DB-0059 - Amethyst Lined Crystal AB

DB-0061 - Wine Lined Light Topaz Lustre

DB-0062 Light Cranberry Lined Topaz Lustre

DB-0063 - Cobalt Lined Sapphire AB

DB-0064 - Taupe Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0065 - Topaz Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0066 - White Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0067 - Light Peach Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0068 - Peach Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0069 - Blush Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0070 - Coral Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0071 - Blush Lined Crystal AB a.k.a. Transparent Pink AB

DB-0072 - Orchid Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0073 - Magenta Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0074 - Fuschia Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0075 - Dark Coral Lined Crystal AB

DB-0076 - Light Blue Lined Crystal AB

DB-0077 - Blue Lined Crystal AB

DB-0078 - Aqua Mist Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0079 - Turquoise Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0080 - Pale Violet Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0081 - Dark Grey Lined Crystal Lustre

DB-0082 - Pale Pink Lined Crystal AB

DB-0083 - Pale Aqua Lined Crystal AB

DB-0084 - Sea Foam Lined Crystal AB

DB-0085 - Blue Lined Aqua Lustre

DB-0086 - Navy Blue Lined Crystal AB

DB-0087 - Root Beer Lined Light Topaz AB

DB-0088 - Berry Lined Light Topaz AB

DB-0089 - Blue Lined Light Topaz AB

DB-0091 - Cranberry Lined Light Topaz AB

DB-0098 - Transparent Light Siam Lustre

DB-0099 - Transparent Light Topaz Lustre

DB-0100 - Transparent Light Topaz AB

DB-0101 - Transparent Glazed Lustre

DB-0102 - Transparent Light Brown Gold Lustre

DB-0103 - Transparent Gold Lustre AB

DB-0104 - Transparent Raspberry AB Gold Lustre

DB-0105 - Transparent Red Gold Lustre

DB-0107 - Transparent Grey AB Gold Lustre

DB-0108 - Transparent Amethyst Gold Lustre

DB-0109 - Transparent Glazed Lustre AB

DB-0110 - Transparent Light Aqua AB Glazed Lustre

DB-0111 - Transparent Light Blue AB Glazed Lustre

DB-0112 - Transparent Sea Foam Glazed Lustre

DB-0113 - Transparent Aqua Glazed Lustre

DB-0114 - Transparent Silver Grey Gold Lustre

DB-0115 - Transparent Light Topaz Gold Lustre

DB-0116 - Transparent Wine Gold Lustre

DB-0117 - Transparent Violet Blue Gold Lustre

DB-0118 - Transparent Saffron Gold Lustre

DB-0119 - Transparent Honey Gold Lustre

DB-0121 - Transparent Light Topaz Gold Lustre

DB-0120 - Dark Topaz Claret Gold Lustre

DB-0122 - Transparent Light Topaz AB Gold Lustre

DB-0123 - Transparent Smoke Light Topaz Gold Lustre

DB-0124 - Transparent Golden Olive Gold Lustre

DB-0125 - Transparent Emerald Gold Lustre

DB-0126 - Transparent Orange AB Gold Lustre

DB-0127 - Transparent Green AB Gold Lustre

DB-0128 - Transparent Cobalt Gold Lustre

DB-0129 - Transparent Mulberry AB Gold Lustre

DB-0131 - Opaque Dark Olive Gold Lustre

DB-0132 - Opaque Light Blue Gold Lustre

DB-0133 - Opaque Yellow Gold Lustre

DB-0134 - Opaque Light Blue AB Gold Lustre

DB-0135 - Opaque Cobalt Gold Lustre

DB-0141 - Transparent Crystal

DB-0144 - Silver Lined Dark Topaz

DB- 0145 - Silver Lined Yellow

DB-0146 - Silver Lined Smokey Amethyst

DB-0147 - Silver Lined Chartreuse

DB-0148 - Silver Lined Emerald

DB-0149 - Silver Lined Capri Blue

DB-0150 - Silver Lined Root Beer

DB-0151 - Transparent Orange AB

DB-0152 - Transparent Green AB

DB-0158 - Opaque Mauve AB a.k.a. Opaque Lilac AB

DB-0159 - Opaque Coral Red AB

DB-0160 - Opaque Yellow AB

DB-0161 - Opaque Orange AB

DB-0162 - Opaque Red AB

DB-0163 - Opaque Green AB

DB-0164 - Opaque Turquoise Blue AB

DB-0165 - Opaque Cobalt AB

DB-0166 - Opaque Turquoise Green AB

DB-0167 - Opaque Medium Blue AB a.k.a. Opaque Light Lapis Blue AB

DB-0168 - Opaque Grey AB

DB-0169 - Opaque Chartreuse AB

DB-0170 - Transparent Dark Topaz AB

DB-0171 - Transparent Yellow AB

DB-0172 - Transparent Red AB

DB-0174 - Transparent Chartreuse AB

DB-0175 - Transparent Emerald AB

DB-0176 - Transparent Aquamarine AB

DB-0177 - Transparent Capri Blue AB

DB-0178 - Transparent Cobalt AB

DB- 0179 - Transparent Grey AB

DB-0180 - Transparent Root Beer AB

DB-0181 - Copper Lined Transparent Light Bronze

DB-0182 - Copper Lined Transparent Jade Green

DB-0183 - Copper Lined Transparent Cobalt

DB-0184 - Copper Lined Transparent Grey Silver Lined Dark Bronze

DB-0191 - Copper Lined Opal

DB-0200 - Opaque Chalk White

DB-0202 - Opaque White AB a.k.a White Pearl

DB-0210 - Opaque Antique Rose Glazed Lustre

DB-0247 - Hot Pink Ceylon

DB-0251 - Opaque Smoke Grey Lustre

DB-0410 - Galvanised Yellow Gold

DB-0986 - Sparkling Lined Purple/Gold Iris

DB-1340 - Dyed Silver Lined Bright Fuschia